Unanswered questions of the North Shore

FlowersQuestion 1: the flowers

Most roadside shrines, created in memory of those who died at the site, last a few months or a few years. They tend to be artificial flowers or a cross. Sometimes there is a name.

Some last longer. There are always flowers at the intersection of Mount Seymour Parkway and Berkley Road. I’ve noticed them for the last five years. They are changed each season. Rich colours in the fall; red and white at Christmas; pastels in spring; and, this year, lilac and white for summer. You wonder who replaces them and when. You wonder who they commemorate—or if they mean something else altogether.

White truck

Question 2: the white trucks

Often, there are white-painted trucks parked off Dollarton Road, just past the shipyard, in the McKenzie Barge and Marineways parking lot. Some boldly say Hostess Cakes or Wonder Bread on the side: some have been painted over but the ghostly lettering shows through. Who uses them? What is their cargo?


Question 3: the mandala

There is a mandala in the parking lot of St Clare in the Cove, the new Anglican church on Deep Cove Road. St Clare’s is a new congregation established this year, since St Simon’s was asked to vacate the premises following a disagreement over same-sex blessings.

But a mandala? How ecumenical. And how calming to walk around it on a summer evening.