Literary weekend moments

Sechelt for the Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts
Denman Island for the annual Book Club getaway

Weekend moments become memories. Here are some that have survived the first week back:

  • Experiencing the freshness of the occasional breeze that blows through the car window when one is in a ferry lineup on a hot day
  • The surprise of finding a quite edible food option in the ferry cafeteria (Asparagus Ravioli)
  • Finding a quiet sanctuary of a B&B ten minutes’ drive from the festival
  • The bliss of a good night’s sleep between fresh, white sheets on a mattress combining the right degrees of firmness and softness
  • Discovering a new author (new to me) at the festival: Michael Crummey
  • The delight of being in an audience that laughs at the right times
  • Anticipating a warm welcome at our second destination
  • Sitting on the deck wrapped in blankets, sipping wine and talking in the gathering darkness
  • The intimacy of sharing thoughts on just about everything with a group of interesting people
  • Enjoying the visual and other delights of being in a home created with an appreciation for both function and beauty
  • The comfort of heated tiles underfoot when one gets up in the middle of the night
  • The sight of tomatoes and lemons in a handmade basket
  • The nostalgia for childhood that comes with picking ripe, sun-warmed blackberries for an apple-and-blackberry pie
  • Inhaling the salty freshness of the sea and the shoreline on a beach walk
  • Appreciating the play of light and shade on leaves and water, and the colours of the natural world.

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