The weather report

The last day of August: what better day for a solid case of the pathetic fallacy? The early mornings have had a premonitory chill for weeks now and a heavy dew condenses on grass and parked cars until the sun is high enough to warm them. A couple of days ago, there were crispy leaves on the sidewalk.

The day is grey and overcast. We sit outside a coffee shop mall, under a wide canvas umbrella. A few drops of rain fall. Clearly, the sky shares our wistfulness at the approaching end of summer. A sense of nostalgia pervades the landscape.

The first day of school: it is raining. But not a depressing kind of rain: more an invigorating shower that freshens up the place and washes away the laziness of days off. The air is no-nonsense air: cool and damp.Crows and sky

The second day of school: a heavy grey blanket of cloud settles over the city. It feels like the weight of summer chores left undone. It is the smothering sense of obligation and routine. Crows gather, ominously.

SunlightIn the early evening, the sun breaks through the clouds. Rays of tentative glory shine on the water.

These weeks are confusing. You never know what to wear: summer clothes seem insubstantial but winter clothes are too heavy. You veer between acceptance and depression. The weather messes with your mind. It will be a relief when this transition period moves fully into fall. The season of mists and pumpkins can’t come soon enough.

Sun risingCoda: Saturday morning dawns sunny! Hope returns. The summer isn’t quite over yet.


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