Calendar Women

Last Thursday I was at the Mahony & Sons Celtic pub on the UBC campus for the launch of the Irish Women’s Network fund-raising calendar. It was a Calendar Girls-style calendar, with many of the ladies of the network tantalizingly posed and barely clad, in various locations.

MayThe ladies themselves were in attendance, looking a lot more formal on this occasion, in elegant black dresses and with their names and the relevant month on their nametag. I have the honour of knowing one of the Ms. Augusts. Vicki Gabereau emceed and there was a lot of revelry.

The calendar itself is a splendid thing. The naked nymphs look like they are having great fun! Although the calendar doesn’t have Pirelli production values, it’s a celebration of the beauty of woman—though these women are older (and I suspect a lot wiser) than the typical Calendar Girl. I’d guess these women are anywhere from their forties to their seventies—maybe some are older—and they have not had plastic surgery. They don’t look as though they employ personal trainers. They look like women who have lived their lives with joys and sorrows, humour and hard work: real women.

Calendars were for sale that night and later on at Celtic Creations at Lonsdale Quay. I went to Celtic Creations to pick one up. They were kept under the counter in a locked drawer, so there was a slightly naughty ambience about the transaction. At $20, they are a steal and proceeds go to charity. Buy several now for Christmas presents.


4 thoughts on “Calendar Women

  1. Actually, Shelley, I think it’s time for something a little different: let’s do Men of the Cove. You can be photographer; I will be stylist. The area has lots of excellent venues: the water, the woods, lounging on the deck of someone’s boat, sitting on the Rock at first light …

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