Eating in an alternate universe

Sunday night: stepped through the door on Denman Street into the Blade Runner/Star Wars/anime sort of place that is Kingyo Izekaya restaurant.

  • Decor: ancient Japanese temple/bar.
  • Staff: all Asian—servers wearing Santa Claus or reindeer suits.
  • Chefs: young, white-jacketed, spiky hair, given to coming out from the kitchen and chugging beers every half-hour to the accompaniment of cheers and chanting from other staff and diners.
  • Decibel level: high.
  • Food: from the lineup, diners appeared to be dissecting little-known deep sea creatures with their chopsticks. At the table, food was delicious, with unexpected but successful combinations of flavours and stylish presentation. My favourite was the smoked black cod with an indescribable sauce.
  • Other diners: the typical diner was a young woman with unnaturally blonde hair and almond eyes, tapping her impossibly long fingernails on a paper-thin electronic device when not dissecting the aforementioned sea creatures.
  • After-effects: should have known better than to mix champagne and sake.

2 thoughts on “Eating in an alternate universe

  1. Anmaru, I must know. What were you celebrating? And why this particular establishment? It certainly sounds intriguing.

  2. Three reasons: It was a belated birthday dinner! (I like to keep my birthday celebrations going as long as possible.) And it won gold in the category “Best Casual Japanese Dining” in the Vancouver magazine poll. And I like to check out new restaurants, particularly unusual ones.

    Next one I’m planning to visit: Salt Tasting Room in Gastown. Let me know if you feel adventurous!

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