Wedding bliss

My bliss, that is, as a guest. The wedding of my friends M&K yesterday was a visually stunning event—joyful, of course, and celebratory, and all about love, but it was also beautiful. M&K have exquisite taste and it was evident in the feast for the senses provided by all the details.

mkheadtable.gifThe colour palette was that of an Old Master painting: deep, rich wine red, gold, chocolate and cream. The bride’s dress was pale taupe silk. Her sister wore deep crimson. The junior attendants wore champagne silk with crimson sashes. The bride’s daughters wore chocolate dresses with cream wraps. Flowers were red and burgundy roses, with orchids and hypericum berries. The table centrepieces featured cranberries. Each place setting contained a gilded oak leaf: the leaves were gathered and individually covered in gold paint by the florist’s husband.

The music was thoughtfully chosen by a couple who met while singing in a choir. The readings were all about love. The order of service was beautifully typeset by the groom. It and the keepsake bookmarks bore the embellished ampersand that became a symbol of the wedding. The bookmarks held one of four quotations, including my favourite:

You are taken in the net of my music, my love,
And my nets of music are wide as the sky.
—Pablo Neruda

The presiding priest was a personal friend, as was the choirmaster and the flautist. The flower arrangements and the photography were done by friends. The food was light and elegant. Champagne flowed. I was in bliss all day.


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