Road trip report

Up at 5:30, left North Vancouver at 7:00 (an hour later than planned).

Live wildlife spotted: none.

Roadkill: three (one indeterminate small, one rodent, and one beaver-size).

Road music: A Bach motet on the radio through the Fraser Valley, driving towards the mountains. Jim Byrnes blues and gospel thereafter.

Snags: Major accident stopped all traffic just after the Yale tunnel. Backed up and went via the Coquihalla instead. Missed driving through the rest of the tunnels of the Fraser Canyon; going the other way, you only see the Shakespearean names of the Othello tunnels from the highway.

Road impressions:

  • Mountains with dazzling streaks of snow on the upper reaches;
  • Road ribboning ahead, with heat haze rising and flashes from the sun reflecting off the metal of distant cars. Repeat, mile after mile;
  • Little white churches on reserves; wild purple lupins; blue sky and blue lakes;
  • Many dead pines foreshadowing lots more forest fires this summer.

Arrived at a lake in the South Cariboo in the early afternoon.

Lake impressions:

  • An intense scent of lilac from two trees at the peak of their blossoming;
  • Peace and silence;
  • 33 degrees.

Conclusions reached on the first day:

  1. 33 degrees is the perfect temperature when sitting reading in the shade;
  2. Watching the light change on the lake seems like a useful activity;
  3. The old cabin with an outhouse used to be what I thought of as rustic. Now that there is full plumbing and electrical, the new rustic is dial-up (28.8).

2 thoughts on “Road trip report

  1. Was it a traffic accident that stopped you or the Jackass Mountain fire? My son came through that area just before the fire closed the highway…And what lovely photographs! It looks like Green Lake! And you’re right. Somehow 33 degrees feels fine in that country where dry air and the scent of yarrow and pine conspire to keep one reading, quietly thinking, rather than doing something more active and exhausting. Enjoy your holiday! (Deep Hollow Creek by Sheila Watston is recommended for days in the shade…)

  2. Hi Theresa: Congratulations: you correctly identified Green Lake. Unfortunately, you have to be present to collect your prize!

    It was a traffic accident on Sunday. I think the Jackass Mountain fire was Monday.

    Thanks for the book recommendation; I’ll look out for it. Hope you too are enjoying the sun and shade.

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