The Joy of Fall: Soccer Mom Morning

Overnight: one of the first close-to-freezing nights of the season. But the sun is up early, though low in the sky at this time of year, slanting across the field and giving us long shadows. Yellow and red trees dazzle against a blue sky.

The hint of frostiness on the grass is down to a heavy dew by the time we get there. The grass is so wet that for the first while you can see the footprints on it. Sunlight flashes in the corner of my sunglasses.

The soccer moms and dads hang out on the sidelines with their cups of coffee, chatting, as the girls move into position and start playing. The ref is the old English guy, who is very strict and often imposes rules no-one has ever heard of.

The crowd warms up. We start shouting instructions to the team. These instructions often conflict with what the coach is saying, but are probably ignored anyway.

My daughter scores! but this is a bonus. Being out here on this spectacular morning is enough.


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