In sorrow rather than in anger, III

At the office:

  • People who show up at your office door and immediately launch into a request or a conversation without checking to see if it is OK to interrupt.
  • People who change the parameters of a project many times, while each time explaining how urgent it is that the project meets [insert unrealistic deadline].

At home:

  • Strangers who show up at the door of your home at dinner time (admittedly fund-raising for a (probably) worthy cause), and immediately begin their spiel without checking to see if it is OK to interrupt.
  • Strangers who phone and launch into a conversation beginning with, “Hello, Mrs. —, how are you today?”


  • People who cannot accept that we all make choices about how to spend our time but adopt a superior attitude while exclaiming how they personally don’t have time for [insert debatably time-wasting occupation here, e.g., using Facebook, painting one’s fingernails, exercising, watching television].

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