Breasts, III

or, Breasts at the 2009 Oscars

In the category of Cups Running Over

SJPNo contest: Sara Jessica Parker. It appears to be such a difficult thing to get a strapless dress to fit properly. Actually, it depended on the angle: sometimes it just looked eye-opening, but at other times there was definitely a problem with spilling over. Too pushed up, Posh-style.

Where Are my Breasts Supposed to Go, Again?GH

Goldie Hawn, of course. A dress only approximately fitted to her body and falling too low on her chest allowed her breasts to escape over the top, under her arms, everywhere except the accepted place.

JAThe Strapless Dress That Fits

Jennifer Aniston. Elegant, not too revealing, nothing out of place!

Special Award

SLAnd a special Lifetime Achievement Award for Breasts goes to Sophia Loren. Although these days the rest of her is a noble Roman ruin (albeit with a remarkably timeless appearance from a distance), those famous breasts remain apparently youthful and nicely positioned in her Oscars dress.


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