I’ve been unfriended!

When I joined Facebook, it was not with any expectation that I would continue using it for long. It seemed to be based on a narrow and inflexible concept that didn’t appeal to me. Collecting lots of “friends,” without being able to distinguish between levels of intimacy? Posting hundreds of badly focused, party photographs? Adding a lot of gimmicky, poorly designed applications? I am an early adopter of new technologies that I expect to work for me but I reject any that don’t seem right. Life’s too short. You know. I don’t want an avatar that looks like a Japanese schoolgirl. I can’t see posting updates frequently enough to be a Twerp (as my spouse refers to those who Twitter).

angelashadowAnyway, somehow I managed to make Facebook work for me. I did get in touch with some old friends. I posted the occasional photograph, though very few have an identifiable person in them (this photograph is fairly typical). I dutifully tried a few of the applications, but few held my interest until I discovered the word games. Now I regularly play online Scramble, Word Twist, and two varieties of Scrabble.

Sometimes when posting my status I realize that it gets reported to some people I hardly know. I’m pretty slow to send out friend requests but I have always accepted them from people I know, however little I know them. I have accumulated a total of 46 friends. Wait! That used to be 47!

A few weeks ago, I discovered that you could “unfriend” someone and they wouldn’t receive any notification. You could quietly drop them from your friend list without drama. Great, I thought. But I never expected that someone would unfriend me!

Now, the missing “friend” is actually someone with whom I have very little in common. Our lives intersected briefly a while ago and there was a little flurry of interactions. Then, nothing. It is perfectly reasonable for one of us to unfriend the other under those circumstances.

But I feel a slight resentment that I didn’t get to do it first.


1 thought on “I’ve been unfriended!

  1. “Unfriending”

    Anmaru, you make me laugh! Yet it’s human nature, isn’t it. No matter that the relationahip has run it’s course, it’s always more desirable to be the ‘dumper’ than the ‘dumpee’.

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