Paolo Giovanni Nutini

I love this video. I love the music, the lyrics, the light, the way the singer sways gently and lovingly with his guitar, and the fifties Mediterranean wedding scene.

I first heard the tantalizingly different Paolo Nutini on the radio, singing High Hopes. I couldn’t imagine what he would look like: there was a warble in his voice that made me think he might be old; the accent was hard to pin down; the song started with a hint of Amazing Grace, and continued as a sort of reggae ballad.

When you first see him, it’s hard to reconcile his sound with his appearance and his appearance with his name (his father, as you might guess, is of Italian descent but the family has lived in Scotland for generations).

Paolo Nutini is 22. He is from Paisley, near Glasgow. His voice is odd, really: that warble and a croakiness, but it works. After listening to Nutini singing Candy a few times, it seems like all aspects of him meld perfectly into a distinctive whole. And he seems to throw himself, heart and soul, into making music without worrying too much about crafting a consistent image.

He’s a talented songwriter who performs a lot of his own material, with influences from folk to blues to ballads to ragtime. His recent album, Sunny Side Up, defines the word eclectic.


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