A day of discarded garments


Discarded garments seen on this morning’s walk: a woman’s jacket and gloves, and a child’s colourful undershirt.

Not shown: the dark red t-shirt on the grass and the baby’s sock in the women’s washroom at the market.


Breasts, I

The subject today is breasts. (That should get the stats up a bit.) I’m inspired to muse on this fascinating part of the female anatomy by Mrs. Victoria Beckham, who visited Vancouver recently with her Spice sisters to kick off their reunion tour. posh.jpgPosh has made the unnaturally pushed-up breast fashionable again. She is rarely seen with her bosom in a relaxed position. Perhaps surgical intervention means that the gravity-defying globe is her new natural position?

That refusal to accept gravity was popular in the seventeenth century, and was achieved by a corset that pushed the breasts up. They were then lightly covered by a flimsy fringe of lace atop the overdress. Very fetching, but it looks rather uncomfortable. How strange that we should have been through an entire feminist revolution where women passionately demonstrated the desire to get away from those kinds of constraints — and now a woman who has enormous amounts of money and is inevitably a role model for young girls chooses this look.