Too Much Information

Aunt Angela would like to state categorically that she is for, not against, the miracle of birth. She applauds the mothers who do the hard work and the fathers, other support people, and medical personnel who help out. She is completely in favour of information sharing in general and the demystification of natural human processes in particular.

However, she gently suggests that occasionally, through an excess of enthusiasm for the aforementioned miracle of birth, some people share Too Much Information.

Recently, a former colleague with whom Aunt Angela was not even that close offered information on the condition of his wife’s cervix that Aunt Angela did not need to know. She was happy to see a nicely cleaned-up baby picture after the fact.

A friend heard through relatives the update that his niece was “six centimetres dilated” and was perhaps a little taken aback at the intimate nature of this information. Aunt Angela offers the following alternatives, suitable for sharing with relatives and friends of varying degrees of closeness:

  • Labour is progressing well and the birth is imminent.
  • We expect the baby will be born later today.