New homonym-detecting software needed urgently

floodLately, there has been an epidemic, a flood, of misused words where the correct ones sound the same as the wrong ones. Some of the more entertaining errors I’ve noted this week are:

“the teaming rain”
“with baited breath”
“take a sneak peak”

— which conjure up some wonderful images!

Of course, there is the usual “stationary” where “stationery” is meant; “principle” and “principal” are used interchangeably; and “palette,” “palate,” and “pallet” are routinely confused.

Even if people use the ubiquitous spell checking functions provided with word processing software, errors may go undetected if the writers are not  thoughtful about the meaning of their communications. So we need a homonym detector. I propose ContextCheck as a suitable name. Please, software developers: step forward and save the language.


3 thoughts on “New homonym-detecting software needed urgently

  1. I dunno if we need software to solve this. It’s a mute point. If people are really upset about misused words maybe we should be trying to diffuse there anger. F

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